Hand-decorated Cookies

Our hand-decorated, freshly made to order cookies taste as good as they look! They are delicious, slightly chewy, soft vanilla sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

Minimum order quantity is 2 dozen.

  • Basic $60 per dozen +

    Simple designs, up to 4 designs and 4 colors

  • Detailed $72 per dozen +

    More complex details / metallic colors / simple floral, up to 4 designs and 4 colors

  • Elaborate $84 per dozen +

    High detail (e.g. characters, floral, airbrushing), 4+ designs, 4+ colors

Edible Image Cookies

Edible image cookies turn your family photo, company logo or any image into a beautiful edible creation! Images are printed onto the cookies with FDA-approved ingredients. All cookies are topped with royal icing.

Minimum order of 2 dozen. Up to 3 different images per order.



  • Shipping Varies

    Certain custom orders and online orders can be shipped to destination within Canada and USA. For more info, visit our Shipping Info page. Let us know when you would like a quote.