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Birthday (for Boys)

Browse through our super cute selection of birthday cookie designs! Order it online and pick up before the big day, hassle free.

Each set comes with:

  • Clear window pastry gift box
  • Gift wrapping with matching ribbon
  • Cookie Care instructions
  • Lots of love!

Ordering information:

  • This order is for the exact design as shown below.
  • Price per dozen is shown next to the design. Minimum order quantity is 2 dozen.
  • We may modify the designs slightly to accommodate for the inclusion/exclusion of the name and age.


* Local pick-up at our Chilliwack location is free of charge. If you would like shipping for this item please request for a quote via Contact Us.
* Our cookies are heat sealed and will stay fresh in room temperature for up to 4 weeks!
Some dates may be unavailable due to 1) minimum of 10-day notice is required for all orders 2) Pick-up is available Thursday thru Saturday only.
  • Total: $0.00

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